Friday, June 1, 2012

Diet Progress - Week 2 Day 3

     I didn't post yesterday. Mostly because I had nothing to report. Mom had an appointment in the morning and had to leave super early -- even earlier than Dad! With traffic and errands, Mom didn't get back until about lunchtime and by then it was a little too hot so we skipped our walk yesterday. We went for a few short walks but not an extended walk. It's okay though!

   This morning Mom got up and took me and Zoya out. We went for about 20 minutes. Our walk was shortened slightly because there were a few other dogs in two of the areas we walk to. Since I'm not that comfortable being around strange dogs, we decided to walk past those two spots instead. It cut the walk short, but it was smarter to avoid any issues.

    The last couple of days I've eaten about 1 1/2 cups of my mixed food. I should be eating 2.3 cups, if you recall. So I'm off by a little more than 3/4 cup.

    I wanted to see how much I weigh or if I have lost any inches, but Mom said I should wait. She said that it's only bee 10 days and I should give it at least 2-3 weeks before checking progress. If I give it more time, I won't be upset by fluctuating weight and inches. Mom's usually right so I trust her on this.

    We do go see the doctor soon for our regular checkups and to get our teeth cleaned. I wonder if she will noticed my hard work? I hope so!!  It would feel so good to have a compliment from my doctor if she could notice I am working on my weight without me telling her.  But we'll see.... it's only been 10 days. The progress might not be visible yet.

    I will keep at it, though!

Week 2 Day 3 Accountability Pics
Accountability Pics for June 1, 2012
Week 2 Day 3

Pictures from my walk...
Top left - me and Zoya, Top right - mostly me with my Mom's foot
Bottom left - Me, relaxing after the walk, Bottom right - Me, sniffing the ground as I walk

I like having my picture taken!
I sat for a while and tried different poses while Mom took some pictures for me.

I really like blogs with lots of pictures. Too many words make a blog boring.
That's why i ask Mom to take LOTS of pictures for me, so I can make a fun blog!

Zoya was confused. Zoya doesn't really understand why I like having my picture taken.
She doesn't have a blog... 
Atom has a blog, so he gets it. 

How about a few more?

I really like the little frames Mom puts on the pictures!

I like how the grass is cool in the morning, so after my walk I can sit or rest on the cool grass....

It's quiet in the morning. There aren't tons of kids on this property, but there are enough to make noise. Kids tend to be most noisy in the afternoons, but it's hot then so I like to stay inside with the air conditioning.

I don't really like the air here.
After living in Hawaii, the air in the DC area smells yucky to me.
It's still and heavy and it doesn't have trade winds to cool me off... 
yeah.... I liked Hawaii better.
Atom was born in Hawaii. I was actually born in North Carolina.
I don't know where Zoya was born. We found her in Georgia and she was all grown then...
I've lived in North Carolina, Georgia, Hawaii and now near Washington D.C.
But Hawaii was the best!

<sigh> But I shouldn't think like that.
Thinking about missing Hawaii will only make me feel sad.
I will make do for now!

Some day I want to go back to Hawaii though... 

These pictures below are from a Pet Blessing Festival at a Shinto Shrine in Honolulu. That's me and Zoya with Dad...
I wasn't really interested in having bells shaken over my head...

Ahhh! Look how skinny I was!!!
I'll get thin again... I'm working too hard to not make progress...

It's pretty, huh?