Monday, June 11, 2012

Beagle Weightloss Progress - Week 3 Day 6

    Tomorrow is the last day of my first FULL 3 weeks on a diet and exercise regimen. It's also my check-up appointment with the vet.  I'm a little nervous, but Mom says that's normal.

   This morning, Mom managed to get up a little earlier and took me and Zoya for a walk before she fixed breakfast and lunch. It was nice being outside so early, when the sun was just coming up. I'm glad we went early too, it looks like it might rain today.

We walked around a bit...

I tried racing Zoya but she never gets it!
I'm like, "Ready, Zoya? 1-2-3 GO!"
But she's like, "What's going on? Why are you running? Is there danger?!"

Today I decided to pose for a few pictures for Mom...

     During the walk, we walked by a window with cats inside. I like cats, actually. Zoya chases them, but I grew up with a fat kitty that was nice to me so I like cats. Sometimes I miss the fat kitty, but it's okay. Maybe in the future Mom and Dad will get another cat I can be friends with.

See that cats in the window?
They watch me a lot in the mornings, but today we got a picture of them.

Accountability Pics for Week 3 Day 6

We used the cat picture in my official Week 3 Day 6 Accountability Picture today!

How about a few more pictures of me? Okay!
The sun was out but it wasn't very bright.
I think it might rain today ~ the sky is a little gray.

Mom kept saying, "No, look over here."
I kept looking but I guess I missed what she was saying...

At this point on my walk I was a little tired. We were more than 3/4 done.

There were kids out this morning. They were running to get on yellow school buses.

I like when kids run! It makes me want to run too!
(I was trying to toss my ears like a super model tosses her hair)

Just watching the kids run by...

I sat still for a long time this morning...

It's hard to sit still when kids keep running by....

Maybe one of the kids will drop something to eat....
Kids are good like that :-)

Wish me luck at my appointment tomorrow!