Sunday, June 10, 2012

Diet Progress - Week 3 Day 5

     So I didn't post in my blog yesterday but I did go for a 25 minute walk with Mom and Zoya. Mom took some pictures, which I'll share - naturally! - and this morning I went for a long walk with Dad. I liked it!  It was just me and him :-) Dad took me for almost 45 minutes, which was my longest walk yet!  Well... not my longest walk ever, but my longest walk since starting this diet and exercise plan.

    We walked all around the apartment complex and we walked around outside the property too. It was hot, and a little humid, but I enjoyed the quiet time with just us guys.

   So today is Day 5 of Week 3. I feel good.. My hip bothers me throughout the day but I really think it's getting a little better. Maybe that's just wishful thinking... but I'm positive that if I just keep at it, as the weight falls off I will have less pressure on my hip and it won't bother me as much. Makes sense, right?

   The vet called today. They were confirming my appointment on Tuesday. Well, it's not just my appointment - Atom and Zoya will go to. It's a long appointment. I actually hate these appointments because Mom and Dad have to drop us off in the morning and we spend the whole day at the vet... I don't know about people hospitals but it's not much fun for us.

   Thankfully, we'll be asleep for some of the time. The doctor makes us sleepy while she cleans our teeth. When we wake up, we have clean teeth and we just have to relax a little while then Mom can come get us.

   Mom says she hates these appointments too. She says it's sad all day with us not home, and since Mom works from home I guess it can feel real different to have us home every day and then have a day when we're not home. I know that for me, when Mom is usually home every day, then she has an appointment or runs errands, it's sad for me, and Zoya and Atom too, to be home alone. But at least we have each other. Mom will be okay though!

Accountability Pictures
These are from my walk yesterday, Week 3 Day 4
When Dad takes me for walks, like today (Week 3 Day 5), he doesn't take pictures like Mom does.

Walking around, with Zoya...

While we were out yesterday, we ran into Dad coming back from the gym.
Zoya and I were a little confused at first - we didn't expect to see him outside so it was strange for us.
But we are happy to see Dad anytime!

Me and Zoya walking...

I like to sniff the grass a lot...

Sometimes, Mom keeps the leash short.
This is usually if another dog is walking around, or if we are passing a bunch of kids.
I won't hurt the kids,
but I like to sniff them a lot and that makes kids nervous, I think.

Just hanging in the grass a bit...

I like to walk close to bushes, flowers, and tall grass to sniff everything I can!

On the grass, on the sidewalk, on the wood chips...
My "Beagle Nose" does NOT discriminate!

     Nothing really fabulous, sorry. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some great pictures for my blog :-) Wish me luck on Tuesday! I hope the doctor notices my results!