Sunday, June 3, 2012

Doggy Diet Progress ~ Week 2 Day 5

    Yesterday was day 4 of my second week on this diet and exercise regimen. Dad took us for a short walk in the morning but didn't take any pictures. Mom had an appointment. It was a nail appointment, and honestly, we prefer her nails are nice and strong so she can get all the hard-to-reach itches! Anyway, so no pics from yesterday but Mom took pictures this morning on our walk.

     Today we were out for longer than 30 minutes. We're not exactly sure how long, but we were gone longer than 30 minutes because Dad said he watched a 30 minute TV show that started after we left and ended before we returned. We drank LOTS of water when we came back!

    I'm doing well. Overall I feel like I have a little more energy and stamina during the walks, and I feel like my energy levels stay a little higher throughout the day. I'm only in week 2, though, so I can't be sure if it's just excitement over making changes and progress, or if it's really an energy change.... but it feels good. My mood is a lot better, too. I feel like I have a little more patience with Atom and his ridiculous behaviors, and more patience with Zoya when she's always walking into me or stepping on me when I'm resting. So.... that's good.

Accountability Pics
This picture is made first with PicFrame and then with Tweegram
Both on the iPhone - Cool, huh!

Zoya crept into the original pictures so I asked Mom to crop them a bit...
That's why some of these look really similar!

A Few Pics from My Walk
A collection of me and Zoya...
She's a pain, but I love her.

Doing Beagle stuff... Sniffing EVERYTHING!
Check out my Beagle pose with my right paw up in the top-left ;-)

Waiting for Mom while she preps the doggy pooh bags.
Mom opens them all in advance, and tucks them into one bag so she has several just in case.
Mom's smart like that...

Stairs are GREAT exercise!
Mom said when I get a little lighter she will take me to walk up and down stairs in a park or some place for extra muscle toning... More muscle means less fat!

Walking around...

And walking around some more...
I tried to race that woman in the top-right picture above but she was just too fast for me...
I'll get faster!