Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diet 3-Week Progress Update

     As I mentioned, yesterday I went to the vet for my regular checkup and dental cleaning. It's a very long visit because Zoya and Atom go with me and we all have to go under anesthesia for the teeth cleaning and a lot of the checkup is done while we're asleep so the doctor can work quickly and easily. BUT.... because we are put under anesthesia, even though we wake up and feel okay, the doctor makes us wait until the afternoon before we can go home... just to make sure we're not sick or anything.

Ready to go to the vet!

    Anyway, so yesterday Mom dropped us off at around 7:30am. When they sign us in, we have to step on the scale and be weighed. I was really nervous!!! I stepped on the scale and Mom told the vet tech what the numbers said, "46.2 lbs." I looked up at my Mom when she read the numbers... did I hear her correctly?!  She smiled at me and then explained to the vet tech that I've been working hard to lose weight and be healthy again.

Beagle Diet 3-Week Progress Updates

  • Body Length 22" <--- This isn't going to change haha
  • Waist 27.5"  <-- Down 1/2"
  • Chest 27.5"  <-- Down 1/2"
  • Neck 16.5"  <-- Down 1/2"
  • Weight 46.2 lbs. <-- Down 3.8 lbs!
My starting weight and measurements can be found in my first blog post, here.

My official update for 12 June - Week 3 Day 7 of my Beagle Diet
Starting Weight: 50 lbs.
Current Weight: 46.2 lbs.

     I'm really glad that Mom didn't weight me or measure me for the full 3 weeks. I think that the progress would seem less significant if I was tracking lost millimeters every week. Losing a half-inch from my waist, chest, and neck plus almost 4 lbs.... that's significant! 

Here's a few pictures of me and Zoya, my sister.
This was after we got home. Mom was able to come get us at around 4pm, so it was a long day for all of us. Me and Zoya got bandanas but we took them off shortly after getting home.

This is my and Zoya again, and Atom, our baby brother.

Zoya tried to creep closer to Mom...
Mom was sitting on the sofa with Atom because he didn't feel well.

When Zoya got too close, though, Atom growled at her and nipped at her nose.
She was startled and eventually just plopped on the ground nearby.

See... she just plopped down in front of the other recliner on the sofa.

Me... obviously :-)

I felt okay after the vet appointment but I was very tired.
Oh! You can see on my front leg where I had an IV for the dental cleaning anesthesia and fluids.

I went to sit near Mom and Atom.... 

And eventually I plopped down too and just napped for a little while.

Atom actually got real sick later at night. He made a mess on his fur and Mom gave him a bath then trimmed his hair so he could be neat and feel better.

But in the middle of his hair cut he fell asleep!
He's feeling better today, but we're all pretty sleepy from yesterday. It's stressful being away from Mom and Dad for the whole day, and being poked and prodded, put under anesthesia, woken up still at the vet, feeling all groggy... it's a lot for one day.
Plus, anesthesia can make your belly feel yucky so I think we all just need a day to relax.