Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diet & Exercise: Week 3 Day 2

     It's getting humid again. I could feel it this morning during our walk. It's okay, but the humidity makes me feel tired quicker. Dad decided to not do his yoga workout this morning so we slept in a little later. Mom fixed breakfast and lunch for her and Dad then took me (and Zoya, of course!) for a 28-minute walk.

     I'm still not really eating all the food I'm "supposed to" every day but I'm trying. Mom says she thinks I'm making progress -- I hope so!!  Zoya, Atom, and I are going to see our doctor (vet) for a regular check-up and teeth cleaning next week. I hope she notices my efforts.... I will be so disappointed if I'm not making any progress :-(

    Mom says it's common for people to feel discouraged at times during their diet and exercise plans. She said that when you first start out, you have this motivation because it's something "new" and you are excited to see results. But results are usually slower than people like so they often lose momentum at times. Mom said that maybe it's the same for beagles...

   If that's the case, at least I know to expect the occasional blah day :-)  And as long as I have my Mom to walk me... or Dad when he can.... and I have Zoya for a walking partner.... I will be all set! I know that if I just stick to it, I will see results eventually and I KNOW that my results will be measurable, even if not yet.

Accountability Pics for Week 3 Day 2
The official Accountability Pic for today
7 June 2012 ~ Week 3 Day 2 of my Beagle Diet

Usually when we walk, I manage to remember that I need to walk on the left or right side of "obstacles" so I don't get caught...

But occasionally I forget!
I got stuck on a tree and Mom had to help me get free...

The humid weather brings out more smells!

Lots and lots of interesting stuff!

What's back there...?  I'll check it out!

Relaxing during the walk.
There were actually two cats watching me through the window behind where I sat.
That's right, cats... revel at my awesomeness... 

Walking close to Zoya...
She kept tripping over me, but it's not my fault. All the good smells led me right under her feet!

Zoya really doesn't get it... but she's patient so that's good.

Up ~ up ~ up we go!
I handle stairs well, even though my hip bothers me at times.
Mom said she thinks I'm limping less and less, so maybe it's getting better from the extra walking.

Zoya, watching as I roam around and sniff stuff...

    And that's it for today!  I didn't feel much like sitting still for the close-up pictures so Mom could only take  one and it wasn't that great. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more in a picture-taking mood! Until then :-)