Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jake's Diet: Week 3 Day 1 - Real Friends

     Today is the first day of my third week on this diet! I don't think I've lost a ton of weight yet, but I'm definitely feeling a lot better and I think I've lost at least a little. Maybe I will lose more inches than pounds... I'm fine with that too!

Accountability Pic for Week 3 Day 1

     I wanted to talk about friendship today. When I was little, it was just me, Mom and Dad. Actually, at first it was just me and Mom - Dad was away. Then Dad came home and we moved to a new place. Then Dad had to go away again. He's in the Army and that happens.

    When Dad was gone the second time, we got Zoya. This was something Mom and Dad planned, it wasn't like Mom was sneaking in random new dogs every time Dad had to go away :-)

    Zoya was all grown up though.... she had weird habits and weird behaviors and she did everything.... weird. She chewed stuff whenever Mom was out, and she was scared of the rain (or any noise, really). She liked to eat books, which didn't seem to make Mom very happy. But over time Zoya got comfortable and we became friends. I think it's probably like that for kids (the human kind), when parents have kids already the kids have to learn to like each other since the parents want to be together. Or when people have children and adopt more. Or even when people have children then have more children later. I had to learn to adjust and be nice with Zoya, and she had to learn to relax and trust that we were a good family.

    Anyway, now we're pretty close. Atom came later, right before Dad went away again. Mom jokes that he needs a new job where he doesn't have to go away or he has to make more money because we are such a big family. But Mom works too and we do all right, so she's just kidding.

    Zoya doesn't do the same stuff I do. When we go out for walks, I like to sniff everything but Zoya just walks around like she's lost. Sometimes, though, she tries to sniff things too. I think she's trying to see what I like to do, to see if she will maybe like it too. 

    Zoya's interests are a lot different from mine... she likes to chew things and tear paper and she likes to roll around. Sometimes I roll around with her to see if it's fun. Because my body is shaped different, it's hard for me to roll around like she does... but I TRY and that's what is important :-)

Sometimes Zoya just stands still and waits while I sniff everything...

Other times, Zoya tries to sniff the same stuff and see what I like about it.

She doesn't really get it... but she tries anyway.
That's what a real friend does - they try the stuff YOU like to do, because they love you and want to share in the stuff you enjoy. The stuff that's important to YOU is important for a reason.
It doesn't matter if your friend understands, what matters is that they try because it's important to you and you are important to your friend.

Sometimes.... Zoya gets into the sniffing a little bit more and she gets sidetracked.
In this picture (above) she was sniffing the grass with me, but me and Mom turned and Zoya kept going straight!
She reached the end of the leash and realized she was alone - then she came running after us!

     My Mom likes to watch shows in Japanese. She studied hard and still studies sometimes, she says "to maintain" and "to progress" in her skills. I don't get it, but that's fine. She likes to watch shows in Japanese, but Dad doesn't speak any other languages. BUT.... Dad loves Mom very much, so he will watch shows with her even if he doesn't understand. Sometimes Dad will say a funny word and it makes Mom laugh. She says, "It's funny you remember some things, but it's also interesting that you remember how to use it correctly!" Mom also studies the brain and stuff like that so she has all sorts of interests in behavior and thinking and learning.

But it's not a one-way street!

    Dad likes football and sports and videogames, and because that stuff is important to Dad.... Mom takes the time to watch sports, learn about football, and sometimes even play videogames too! Mom says that when you care about someone, you care about ALL of that someone. You want to know what they like and what they don't like, and when they have interests - even if they're boring to you - you take time to share in those interests so that person knows they are important to you also. Then, they will want to share in your interests too...

    It's like that for me and Zoya. We weren't always close, but now we've been together for over 7 years and we have become close. We're a family! Zoya tries the things I like - such as sniffing the grass, or the plants, or the sidewalk.... and I try to stay close to Zoya because I know she gets lost easily and whenever she's lost she feels afraid. 

Pictures from Today's Walk
We stopped for a minute to rest and take a few pictures.

I heard something!
There was a man sitting on his "porch" right near us... that's not surprising because a lot of people like to be outside in the morning...
But it was funny because he chuckled at us trying to take pictures :-)
Mom explained that they're "accountability pictures" for my diet and he seemed to understand and think that was neat.

Yes, it is neat.
As am I.... a neat beagle.
A neat beagle, named Jake.... on a journey to health and fitness. Losing weight, getting stronger, reclaiming my flexibility.... 

And just enjoying life!
This picture was taken in a different spot with a bit more sun.
I like my shadow in the grass...

I ran around a bit this morning... I like that a lot!
There were birds everywhere, but they move too quick for me.
I'll get faster... just you wait!

Sniffing stuff...

And more sniffing... this requires a lot of focus, but it's also very calming.
Like beagle meditation!

And another accountability pic for today since it's a sort of "milestone" for me :-)