Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 3 Day 3 - Hip Dysplasia, Pain, Arthritis, and Power Walking

     Last night my hip was bothering me again. Here's the thing, though... I have what they call "hip dysplasia" which is just a fancy-shmancy way of saying that the hip-joint didn't grow right. Basically, instead of a nice baseball mitt-style fit for my leg bones, my hip joint has a sort of misshaped roundness to it. It almost feels like, at times, my hip pops and it's a little out of place so there's some pain when walking or trying to rotate the joint and stretch. Sometimes, it just pops right back the way it should and other times it just hurts and I limp a bit.

    I don't make it better by sitting funny on it, or sleeping funny on that side so when I get up or stand my leg has fallen asleep and I struggle a bit.

    The funny thing about bones and joints, however, is that when you already have a problem.... it doesn't take long for another problem to work its way in. Arthritis is really common when there's a joint problem like mine. That doesn't mean if my hip joint were perfect I'd never get arthritis, I mean, seriously.... I'm 8 1/2 years old... it was going to happen at some point. But the hip dysplasia set the stage for early arthritis so I've struggled with that for a few years now.

   I have medicine I can take for it, but I can only take it once a day. It works great! But I'd prefer to work the hip joint a little, help relax the muscles - which get stiff from me compensating when I move - and just feel better without the medicine. I prefer to save the medicine for when I absolutely need it.

     Last night, when my hip was really bothering me, Mom gave me the hot pack and let me relax with that a bit. Then she gave me a massage and helped me stretch my leg a little more. I didn't like it but I know it's for the best so I tried to relax as much as I could.

Me relaxing on my bed with a hot pack on my hip.
Mom wraps it in a towel so I don't get hurt, and if it slips she fixes it for me.

     Since my hip was REALLY bothering me even after the heat and stretching massage, Mom gave me a little medicine before bed so I'd be better when we woke up. I did feel a little better this morning.

   We only went for about 20 minutes this morning, for our walk, but we walked faster. Mom had to spend extra time preparing lunch and breakfast this morning. I don't get it, but she said it's because the menu had meals that require more time to prepare. Mom and Dad make a menu for a full week, or two weeks, or a month and they follow it so they know what to eat and when. 

    Anyway, back to me!  We walked for only about 20 minutes, but we walked faster. This was good exercise, actually... but it left me with less time to sniff things and we only took a few pictures. It's okay, though. I'd rather go for a good swift 20 minute walk than get no walk. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the morning. 

    The fast walking felt good though! It helps snap my hip out of that icky position so I'm walking better at the moment, and it's not bothering me. Mom said that sometimes that happens to her hip. I remember last year it happened and for two days she walked like me. Then, I helped her! We were outside and I went to chase a squirrel... but the leash was locked so when I started to move I pulled Mom off balance and she said that her hip got better when she planted her foot to brace herself (and prevent falling!). 
So.... I helped :-)

Accountability Pictures for 8 June 2012
Day 3 of Week 3

Official Accountability Pic for Week 3 Day 3
Four more days and I visit the vet for my check-up!!!

I tried to sit still long enough for a few pictures, but I really didn't feel like it.

Zoya's lost.... as usual....

Look at her worried face?!
Zoya is really funny at times!

I'm nice and relaxed, enjoying the fresh air...
But Zoya looks like she's paranoid haha

     Anyway, that's it for today. I'll try to sit still for more pictures tomorrow. I appreciate the support everyone is giving me here, on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. That kind of encouragement really helps me keep my momentum! I can't wait until next week.... on Tuesday I have a vet appointment for a check-up and teeth cleaning. Zoya and Atom are going too, for the same things. I'll post my updated measurements and weight on Tuesday to see if I've made progress in these three full weeks :-) Until then!