Friday, June 15, 2012

Week 4 Day 2 - The Beagle Diet Continues

       This morning Mom took me and Zoya for a walk for about 30 minutes. It was nice out, actually - not too hot, a little cool with the breeze. I'm feeling better after relaxing a bit yesterday. Zoya seems to feel better too, and Atom is back to his usually rambunctious self. After we got back from the walk, I ate a lot! I was just starving after not feeling great yesterday and having such a long day at the vet on Tuesday.

    I've receive a lot of support from people on Facebook, Instagram, and here through my blog. I really appreciate that! It helps me stay focused and motivated to go out for my walks and to eat better. I'm happy with the weight I've lost so far, and my decreasing measurements! It's only bee a little over 3 weeks but those results are what will help push me through this journey until I get to my goal weight.

We made this one just for fun :-)

Accountability Pic for 14 June 2012 - Week 4 Day 2

Mom put this one together also, so we could share with our Instagram friends.

Just me walking

Down a small set of steps with Mom

It was bright this morning... I was all squinty!

Mom said I looked suspicious in this picture... I was trying to see the dog across the street :-)

But the sun was in my eyes

Yup... too bright...

One of those cats was in the window watching me this morning again.
I tried to get a closer look but it was too difficult to see inside the window.

Me, crossing the street and walking on grass.
Yes - I do look both ways before crossing the street and I never cross the street alone :-)

Mom said when I get in better shape she will take me to do exercise on steps.

A collection of some pictures from today's walk in the morning sun...

We tested out some different templates for today's Accountability Picture
But I still prefer the original one we keep using.

Sometimes I move too quick for Mom's camera :-)

A Bit of Beagle Wisdom

Remember before when I talked about how not all roads in life are straight?
Well, whether your path is straight or not, sometimes you have to veer off the path to make real progress. Take me and Zoya for example.

Zoya has a lot of anxiety.... she's afraid of noise, strangers, thunder, lightning.... she's even afraid when the power goes out. Zoya doesn't like change. She sticks to the path.
I sometimes step off the path and walk on the grass. 
Sometimes I walk far on the grass, really far away from Zoya and Mom.
The sidewalk is "comfortable" and there's a clear path to walk on....
but I'm not afraid to step off the path and walk where there isn't a clear route.

The point? In order to make progress in life, we often have to step OUTSIDE our comfort zone.
Zoya doesn't leave her comfort zone, and the result is - she remains afraid of everything.
I step off the path, away from my comfort zone, and even though it's "unknown territory" I have the opportunity to sniff new places and pick up scents from stuff I might never have encountered. I get a little extra exercise by taking time to cover more ground, too!

If you want different results...
If you want something that's different from what you are accustomed to...
You need to step outside that comfort zone and do something different...

Off my Beagle Soap Box for today!