Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 10 ~ Jake vs the Beagle ACL Injury

     Today is the last day of Week 10 since I started my diet. I'm losing a little weight actually, even though I've had to cut back on my walks. It stinks though.... I would rather be able to walk more.
     The doctor said that the partial tear in my left ACL is what hurts me. Mom said that it probably happened that day a couple weeks ago when I got hurt trying to race Zoya and Atom to the door. The mailman came, then UPS, then FedEx -- all right in a row with only minutes in between their knocks on the door. It was exciting and I couldn't help it! I just wanted to run and see if the packages were for me...
   At least it's not a full tear, right?

    Mom took some videos during our walks to help remember how I'm walking now so we have a comparison later.