Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week 5 Day 3 - Accountability and Vaccines

    We went for a walk this morning for about 25 minutes. It's been really hot and humid here so it was nice that it was a little cooler this morning and we could enjoy a short walk. I thad to be short though, we had to go to the doctor again.

     Last week we had those comprehensive exams and dental cleanings, remember? Well, me and Zoya were due for 4 vaccines each, and Atom was due for 3 so we had to go back for the 1-week follow-up appointment to make sure everything was still normal and the doctor gave us our vaccines today. We did really good! Not one yelp or cry :-)

    My doctor said she looked at my blog and that makes me happy! I want to know that what I'm doing, with my Mom and Dad's help, is okay and working. And it's nice to have them comment when I go in for appointments. The doctor said that weightloss for dogs is slow, though. Not as slow as cats, but realistically, it's not like you can go walk a cat. You can't even make them play or run around. If you try to coax a cat to play and they don't want to, they don't get excited and change their mind, they basically tell you "no" haha

    Anyway, Mom took some pictures at the vet today, and also during the walk so I have lots to share!

Walking with Zoya...

Mom took us in the reverse direction we normally go so I could feel like the short 25 minute walk was longer, she said.

Took a few minutes to pose for pictures, though!
With some nice flowers behind me :-)

Walking... nose to the ground - Beagle Style!

I started to get side-tracked when I picked up the scent of some other dogs...

Just me...


Getting tired... it was only 25 minutes but the humidity wears me out fast!

OFFICIAL Accountability Picture for Week 5 Day 3

Posing with flowers...

Walking with Zoya again...

And heading home... ready for a trip in the car!

At the Vet....
We could hear the other dogs making tons of noise in the back.

They came and took Zoya outside to see if she'd tinkle.
She didn't tinkle enough at our comprehensive exam so they couldn't do a urinalysis then.
Mom said that after they took Zoya, I waited and watched the door. When the other dogs in the back started making tons more noise, I pushed with my front paws and slid my Beagle-butt back next to my Mom!

Then it was Zoya's turn...

The vet tech and doctor helped Zoya have her vaccinaztions...

We each needed 4! 

My turn... :-(

Zoya checked on me... I was okay though.
The vet tech and doctor said that we were super good and normally dogs cry, yelp, or nip at them during vaccinations. But not us :-)

A compilation of the pictures... for "effect"...
Atom went last... he asked me to save his pictures for his blog though.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diet Updates and Accountability - Week 5 Catch-Up

    First ~ I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog in a few days. My Mom helps me and she's been very busy with work this week but we have gone for walks and she did take pictures.

    Today is Day 1 of Week 5. We actually go back to the vet on Friday to have a follow-up visit and to get vaccinations. They don't give the vaccinations on the same day as the comprehensive exam because we also had dental cleanings done and for that, we're put under anesthesia. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they don't want to risk the vaccinations causing a reaction so they wait. Anyway, we go back on Friday morning.

   We didn't go for a walk today. There's a heat advisory and it was so hot even at 7am that we just decided it wasn't going to happen. I actually prefer the weather to be cooler, especially since I'm carrying extra weight. Plus, the humidity is awful! It just makes the heat seem so much worse...

    But I do have pictures from this past week to share so I will...

From Saturday 16 June 2012 - Week 4 Day 5 Accountability Pics

It was hot so I took a break in the shade for a few pictures...

I was actually so tired on Saturday's walk that I decided NOT to walk up the stairs,
I walked around them instead...

Looking at the steps, I had to make a decision...

Nope, too tired.... going around!

Zoya walked up the steps though...

Sunday 17 June 2012

I got lost for a second when I was sniffing the ground too much!

Me and Zoya on our walk...

Accountability Pics from 18 June 2012 

Zoya was watching the kitty in the window, I wasn't really interested.
I like cats. I used to have one. I actually had two, but I grew up with one.
They went to live with my Grandma because it was difficult to move with such a big family.

Sniffing.... Sniffing.... Sniffing...

It had rained at night and everything was wet!
Mom said it's okay if I didn't want to sit down and pose for pictures.

But I got my walk in!

Week 4 Day 7 - 19 June 2012

Mom thought this was funny because apparently dogs naturally like fire hydrants.

I'm not convinced we actually naturally like them, I think they're just easy targets.

A little gray Tuesday morning.

I thought it might rain but instead it just got super hot throughout the day.

Just me posing for my accountability pictures...

Trying to see around Mom and Zoya at other people moving around.

Every time I thought Mom was done with the picture, I started to move and blurred it a bit.
Sorry... I just don't like to sit still for too long.
At least not outside where there are tons of things to see and smell!

I was investigating the area around a little tree...