Monday, June 4, 2012

Life is Full of Decisions - Beagle Diet Week 2 Day 6

     Life is full of decisions. Although the shortest distance from one point to another is a straight line, very few of life's paths are straight. They look more like... well.... like this....
Sometimes the path you're on curves so much you can't see around the bend...
You need to trust that everything will be okay, and keep going!

Most paths in life are not straight...
There are curves, bends, turns, and bumps.
There are road signs and stop lights and cross walks and detours...

Sometimes a road seems like it's going to be straight but as you travel along that road you learn there's a turn at the end where you don't know what's next...

Sometimes there are turns along the way, and you have to make decisions.
Having a friend, partner, or buddy can help!

Here (above, right) me and Zoya talked it over and decided to keep going straight instead of turning when an opportunity presented itself. It's a good thing, too! If we had turned right when we had the chance, we would have made the walk shorter :-)

And sometimes your path has obstacles...
You have a choice: 
(1) You can let the obstacle deter you from continuing and just stop all progress.
(2) You can try avoiding the obstacle and go around, possibly missing opportunities or taking longer to accomplish a goal.
Or (3) You can tackle the obstacle, work with it not against it, and get past it without trouble, then continue on your way!

     When you find an obstacle in life, if you try fighting it you're going to feel like you're pushing against a brick wall. Rather than trying to "push" the obstacle out of the way, and instead of taking longer to go around the obstacle, you can try just climbing over it. That works for me!

Mom said, "I thought dogs liked fire hydrants?" 
Zoya said, "I like them!"
I guess they're a nice color... but I find the smells in the grass and bushes much more interesting!

As we walk, we get tired. The sun was coming up while we were out this morning.
When me and Zoya get tired, Mom said we walk closer together...

And closer...

And closer still!

Until eventually we're leaning on each other.
That's a good support system!

Accountability Pic for Week 2 Day 6
I really appreciate all the support everyone has given me through Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and my Blog and Email!

This picture is the same as the next one, but the next one is using the RISE filter on Instagram to give it a sort of morning glow... Nice, huh?

I feel like this needs a Haiku (俳句) haha

How about..... this one from Basho:

The old pond;
A frog jumps in ー
The sound of water.

A collection of poses from this morning, with the morning sun fresh on my face!
Exercise in the morning is the best!