Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week 8 Day 2 - Diet Progress

     I'm sorry that I haven't been updating my blog as regularly as I was. I have to use the computer when Mom isn't working or studying since all the web browsers are telling me I can't update my blog unless I use Chrome. Today I am attempting to update my blog using my Mom's iPad though.

     I didn't go for a walk on Tuesday because Mom was out in the morning and it was too hot when she got back. I did go today and yesterday, though, for 30 minutes each time. I also have some pictures from last week I haven't shared yet so I will include them here.

     I haven't taken new weight and body measurements yet, but I think I will do mine when Mom and Dad take their measurements next weekend after their detox is over. I'll post my progress measurements then :-)

Should I Exercise if I Have Pain? 

     My leg started bothering me. Well, my hip, I guess. Mom said she got a video of my walking funny with my leg clearly hurting, but she hasn't loaded it to YouTube yet. When she does I'll add it to my blog so you can see too. When we got home I did not feel like going up the stairs. Mom had to come back down and get me. Sometimes you just have an off day.... But that's okay!

     Here's the thing - I know my hip is going to bother me sometimes because I have hip dysplasia and arthritis. But that doesn't mean I have to sit around and do nothing. If I don't exercise my hip and leg, even when it hurts, I will eventually be unable to use it and I will always have pain then. The muscles like to tighten up and grow lazy so even though the joint hurts, the muscles can hurt too. It's important to exercise within your limits even if you have pain. I know exercise isn't going to fix arthritis or my hip dysplasia, but exercise WILL help me deal with the pain when it comes and a little weightless will take pressure off my back, hips, and joints which will ultimately reduce the pain too.

     So I push myself a little. Not to the point of causing damage or injury, but enough to work the hip joint a little, get some fluid moving through the joint to help with mobility, relieve some of the muscle tightness, and work out some energy so I feel better through the day.

Beagle Diet Accountability Pictures

Week 6 Day 7:

My hip started bothering me a little, I just wanted to relax when we came in the door.
But Atom had other plans! 

Zoya didn't see that Mom and I turned, she just kept going the wrong way.
When she finally realized she was all by herself, she looked around and ran after us haha 

Smelling stuff...

 My workout buddy - Zoya

Week 7 Random Pics:

Sunny in the morning...

Sometimes I get sidetracked with smelling everything...

Just walking with Mom and Zoya...

I don't mind if the grass is wet from the sprinklers!

This is funny!
Zoya saw that the ground was all wet and the sprinkler was on but a little clogged or broken. 

She walked AROUND the wet spot on the pavement so she wouldn't have to touch it!
Zoya's a prima donna haha!

I walked right over the wet grass and right up to inspect the sprinkler!

It sprayed my belly and my face when I tried to take a drink!

I got a drink, though, so I won!
Jake 1, sprinkler 0! 

After the walk, there were lots of knocks on our door. We had lots of packages delivered.
I like to race to the door, just in case it's for me.
But I hurt my leg while trying to race Atom and Zoya.
So Atom was all excited about packages, but I just sat under the table because my leg hurt.

Week 8 Day 1 and 2:

Pictures from yesterday morning...

Not too sunny actually, I thought it might rain.

It was very humid... Zoya heard my panting and thought I might die haha
Not today, Zoya... Not today! 

Sniffing around...

I was so tired that it took me a long time to walk up the stairs after our walk.

Testing out some other Apps.

From this morning - Week 8 Day 2

While I was waiting for Zoya to do her business....

It was sunny and warm but not too hot this morning...


Even Beagles stop to smell the flowers sometimes!

Squinty eyes! Too sunny!

When I get tired, I walk closer with Zoya in case I need help to continue going haha

Exploring a bit, smelling stuff Beagle-style...

But after my walk, I could barely climb the stairs...
Mom had to come back down and walk up with me at a slower pace. 

Mom helped me write in my blog while she ate breakfast...
I want fruit too, but I don't really like it. I think I need to get used to it.
Although - I should point out that citrus fruit and berries really aren't good for dogs, and grapes and raisins are a definitely "no!" for dogs.

Accountability Pic for today!

 A little collection from my poses under this pink tree...