Monday, July 2, 2012

Diet Updates - Week 6 Day 6

     I realize it's been over a week since I last updated my blog. Last week was a rough one! With the excessive heat, we didn't go for walks everyday. Then, the power went out on Friday and was out for over 14 hours because of some crazy thunder and lightning storm! It was SOOOOOOO hot in the apartment!

     Mom opened windows and the balcony door for air to circulate, and she covered the windows that get prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to help keep the apartment cooler. It helped a little. Instead of sleeping in the bedroom, we slept in the living room since the living room gets more air. Dad went out on Saturday morning to get ice when the power still wasn't on when we woke up. I love ice! Mom put a big bowl of the ice on the floor so I could have some. Zoya had some too. Atom tried, but his mouth is real tiny so mostly he just ate the ice chips that broke off as Zoya and I ate the big pieces of ice.

Too hot!

    Oh! Dad was gone most of the week, actually. He had a trip for work, and he was gone until Friday afternoon. Then, we had a visit from Dad's parents, my Grandma and Grandpa Maggio. It's nice to have visitors because we are used to it being just us. After a little while, Mom and Dad went out with Grandma and Grandpa Maggio. I wasn't sure at first, but when Mom and Dad came back I could tell they went out to dinner. I could smell the meatballs they brought home!

    Anyway, it was perfect timing. Dad came home on Friday, and they were home from dinner before the storm hit. It started to rain just when Dad took us out before bed.

    The thunder scares Zoya. I don't really know why, it's not like anything ever happens from it. It's loud, sure, but it's not anything to panic over. But Zoya doesn't get it. She panics and hides the whole time. When the power went out, it really scared her! Mostly because any weird noises scare her and Dad has lots of stuff that beeps and beeps when the power goes out.

    We survived, though!  It was a long night and it was hot, especially Saturday morning, but it's better now. Although, a lot of trees were wrecked from the storm.

Oh no! How will we get by?!

If we left it up to Zoya, we'd stand here until the tree literally faded away...

I'll find the way around!

     Anyway, this morning it wasn't too hot and Mom took us for a walk. We went for 30 minutes. Plus, we helped take out the trash. Because the trash is heavy, Mom had to make two trips to the dumpster since she had to hold the leashes in one hand. It's good though, it meant we had to climb the stairs an extra time and that is good exercise!

    Mom and Dad started a special diet today too. Normally, Dad will wake up early and do exercise. Mom will wake up and make breakfast and lunch for them both, then walk me and Zoya. Today it took Mom extra time to make lunch and breakfast because she was looking at recipes in a book for their diet. Oh, wait - Mom says it's not a "diet" it's a "detox" or "cleanse" which will last for 3 weeks. I don't know much about it, but if any human readers want to know more, I'll put a link to my Mom's blog for you.

Their breakfast for Day 1 of their detox

    After Mom finished preparing lunches for her and Dad, she made breakfast. They ate and then Mom took me and Zoya for our walk after Dad left for work. Normally, we go before Dad leaves so that Atom doesn't have to wait by himself. But Atom is big enough that he's okay for a little while.

    We walked for about a half hour and we made an extra trip with trash, going to the dumpster twice. Mom took some pictures.

Sometimes Zoya and Mom keep walking but I fall behind...

Walking with my big sister, Zoya.

Still walking...

Suddenly, Zoya realized she was alone!

Sometimes I fall behind...

I can't help it, a good scent can be very distracting!

What is that scent?!
A lot of other dogs, maybe...

Wait up!

I always catch up to Mom and Zoya...

Posing for some pictures..

Morning sun...

Not really interested in sitting still, though...

But standing poses are okay too!

A little too bright...

Flopping my ears like a supermodel beagle!

And today's official Accountability Pic for my Beagle Diet!
Week 6 Day 6

     I had a few from last week too, but I'll just post a couple since I posted so many pictures from this morning...

Picture from Week 5 Day 6
Mom tries to make these for every day but sometimes she forgets.

We were walking last Monday and something startled me!

It was another dog!
He was in a fenced in yard, and he didn't look that big until we got up close.
Dobermans are really kinda big!

A picture collage from Monday 25 June.
Red leaves and pink flowers....
Plus me and Zoya!

It was really REALLY hot!

Too hot for this Beagle!

I'm ready to go home now...

And the close-up :-)

Heat Safety Tips

     Just a few tips for other people and dogs hanging out in this heat. Remember that dog bodies are smaller than people bodies and most dogs don't sweat to cool off like people do. We need water throughout exercise if we're going to be outside for longer than 20-30 minutes, and we need lots of fresh water throughout the day even if we're indoors.

    Try to do your exercise walks early in the morning, before 10am so the sun isn't too hot. If you can't do your walks in the morning, early, then wait until it's almost dark to go. This is safest for dogs and for people. I don't understand when I see people out at 1pm or 2pm in the sun and heat.... running! What is wrong with them?! The sunlight can be dangerous for dog skin and dog eyes just like it can be dangerous for people.... saftey first!

    In general, Mom changes our water about 6 times every day. Sometimes more, if we drink a lot. She never leaves it with all the spit-slime saliva in the dish because that's gross and we don't want to drink it anymore than a person would. When Mom changes the water, she wipes the dish out with a paper towel or with the sponge and hot water to make sure any soap rinses away. She rinses the bowl well, then runs the cold water for a minute to let it cool down. She always gives us filtered water, so there's less risk of something in the water upsetting our bellies.... AND if the water isn't cool enough, Mom tosses a couple ice cubes in the bowl to cool it down. We don't want ice water, but we want something cool to drink.