Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jake's Obstacles: Hip, Knee, Back Pain

    So remember I was talking about whether you should keep exercising if you have pain? I got hurt... The vet doesn't know if the "hurt" is from my hip dysplasia or if it's arthritis which I have developing, or if it's a partial tear in a ligament. (UPDATE: The vet has since said that she believes it's a partial ligament tear, not one that's a full tear requiring surgery but this will be painful and I should take it easy for the next 6-8 weeks while my body heals.) I personally don't care why I hurt, I just know that it hurts and I don't feel that great.

    Last Friday Mom took me to see my doctor and they took some X-rays. Since it hurt so bad to stretch out for the X-ray, they gave me some anesthesia to help. I've been told to take my Mobic (Meloxicam) every morning for a while, and the Doc gave me Tramadol too, which is like Vicodin Mom says. I get the Tramadol twice a day for a bit, then we'll try and go down to once a day if I can tolerate it.

When Mom and Dad saw that I was struggling more than usual,
they decided to take me to the doctor.

Nothing seemed to help, so Mom made an appointment for me for last Friday.
Atom wouldn't leave me alone... he's such a camera hog!

I couldn't get in the car myself, like I usually can so Mom picked me up to help.
This is me on the way home after I had my X-rays.
Usually I sit in the seat but I felt more comfortable on the floor behind Mom, so I stayed there.

I got a bandana while at the vet.
I think the blue looks nice on me.... it's hard to tell but I was a little out of it.
They gave me anesthesia to help me relax so the could get good X-rays.

Right when I got home. Atom harassed me for a bit, I just wanted some water.
The bandage on my arm was from the IV catheter for anesthesia.

Zoya harassed me a bit too, but she just stays at a distance and gives me harassing glances.
Not really effective, Zoya, not really effective.

And Atom was at it again the moment I got comfortable.
I'm actually on Zoya's bed here, but mine was in the other room.

Trying to get comfortable.
It's hard to relax when every time you move there's pain.

Smiling for the camera!
    So here are my radiographs (X-rays) from Friday. It's hard to see much of anything if you're not trained to see it. They got X-rays of my hips, knees, and spine.

Beagle hips, Beagle knees, Beagle pelvis
You can almost see the hip dysplasia but it's not 100% clear to untrained eyes. The femoral head (the ball-like end of my femur that fits into the hip socket) isn't completely round or smooth so even though it's supposed to rotate in the hip joint, it's not a smooth rotation. 

The socket, itself, is not completely formed as well, so it doesn't nicely encase the femoral head. This more or less predisposes me to early arthritis and occasional pain if the hip joint gets stuck in a funny position or if it rotates roughly in a bad way.

Along my knees you can see how it's a little "fuzzy"
My hips are like that too but not as much. My doctor said that's a little arthritis and remodeling (the bone regrowing) likely from the bones rubbing a bit.
I feel old when I look at these...

Knees and hips again.
My knees felt all right, my doc said, but the X-rays showed the remodeling and arthritis so they obviously bother me at times.

Beagle spine...
There's a small issue in the thoracic region of my spine that is slightly visible in my X-ray but it's not a serious problem, at least not yet.
There's a slight dip in my back which the doc says is common in Beagles, but she did say that my weight doesn't help. She didn't know I was working on my weightloss for 9 weeks now, so when Mom said that my doctor sounded impressed. I guess a lot of people start to help their dogs lose weight but they don't stay consistent. 
Mom said those are the same people that don't workout themselves and order out too many times!

My left knee.... see the "fuzz"?

My right knee... the left one seems worse but that's consistent with
my pain on the left side more often.

Beagle belly!
The doctor laughed when she took an X-ray of my belly because my stomach has food in it.
I'm a Beagle... I like to eat.
My spleen looked big in the scan but that could be from the anesthesia so they said we will check it again later.

Diet Accountability Pics - Week 8 Day 7

I was told no long walks for at least 6 weeks. But it helps me to stretch my legs a bit so Mom walked me for about 10 minutes on Tuesday after talking to the doctor again when I didn't feel better.
The doctor looked at my X-rays again and that's when they saw the small tear in a ligament. It might not be a tear but it probably is. 

Mom and I were looking at my blog today and Mom noticed that the last time I posted in my blog I posted the picture when I got hurt trying to race Atom and Zoya to the door. UPS was here with packages and I wanted to be the first to check them out. In the scuffle, I got hurt and I went to hide under the end table next to the sofa.

The next day, when Mom took me for a walk, I started giving her trouble about going up the stairs. I didn't think I could make it! And then before I knew it, I could barely stand up! I am pretty sure that is when I got really hurt...

The ligament tear is just the straw that broke the camel's back, I think. The other problems were there and they were going to continue to be problems. This just makes it all feel worse.

This is from Tuesday. You can see, I don't want to put weight on my back left leg. It hurts a lot! I also have a lot of trouble getting up once I sit down, but on the short 10 minute walk I did take a lot of breaks. Mom helped me get back up each time.

Accountability Pictures - Week 9 

These are from Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Week 9 Day 1 of my Beagle Diet and Exercise Regimen.
So far, I am down 5 lbs. I went from 50 lbs. to 45 lbs.
This is going to get harder to lose weight until I can walk more... But I am determined to do my best!

Mom only walked me around the block, but we accidentally ended up on a sidewalk that just ENDS with no wheelchair ramp or anything. I couldn't step down... so I just stopped.
Mom helped lift me down off the sidewalk and she walked me in the street the rest of the way, until we reached a wheelchair ramp that I could walk on.

Week 9 Day 1.... and my Beagle Weightloss Journey Continues....