Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Visiting the Vet and Weightloss Update

After my walk yesterday, Dad took me to the vet on the base. This was my first trip to the vet here. When we first got here, Dad just had to bring them paperwork; no visit required.

Anyway, Mom learned that she can order the Hill's Metabolic Diet Dog Food through the vet, since it's a prescription dog food and they checked to see that they could actually get it. Since it was on the list for their distributors, they just needed to see me in order to give me the new prescription for the food.

So yesterday, I went for a walk with Mom then Dad took me to the vet before he went to work. It was cool going in the car with just me and Dad... usually it's not just me.

At the appointment I had a check-up and they weighed me....

I am down to 44.6 pounds!

Mom was so happy because she was sure I was over 52-55 pounds a month ago. Comparing my weight to a fully-loaded BowFlex SelectTech Weight which holds 55.2 lbs. I was definitely heavier a month ago. So this is GREAT NEWS!

Dad placed an order for my food, getting me the BIG bag. The one Mom ordered in late August still hasn't arrived yet, but I'd like to think it'll arrive any day now. That one's only the medium-sized bag though, so it won't last long. Probably just long enough to transition use from the food we're eating now to the Hill's Metabolic Diet completely.

I'm still waiting on my scale too.... but I'm glad to know my weight is going down and I'm pleased with my progress so far.