Sunday, September 29, 2013

Starting a New Week

So this past week, a LOT happened!

On Tuesday Mom had a test so we decided to try something different. Atom, Zoya, and I went with a nice lady that let us play all day with some other dogs! Usually, I don't like being around other dogs... just my family... but I think it's okay when I go to see that lady. Mom says I always behave when she's not around, but I'm not so sure.

I also got mail last week. First, my scale came! Dad was surprised the box was so big but he said it wasn't heavy. Mom set the scale up and let me try it, but I wasn't sure if I should stand or sit, so I sat... standing is a lot of work. But the thing is... I'm a little round. And When I sat down on the scale I slipped right over the edge! So Zoya tried it out first...

Mom said she will get the sticky things that make the bathtub safer so you don't slip, and she will put them on my scale so I have some traction.

On Friday, Dad came home at lunchtime and brought me a big box that had my food. FINALLY! It was shipped on 21 August and didn't arrive for over 4 weeks! But Mom said that's ridiculous because she ordered jeans online last week and they arrived in a week. I guess the mail is slow for some things...

Anyway, Dad already ordered my food through the vet here on the base, so I can now start transitioning from the other food to the new food and keep going with it. I tried it out for the first time Saturday (yesterday). Zoya and Atom tried it out too. Atom struggled a little but he always struggles because he's tiny. He gets his own small food anyway so it's not like he'll starve. He acts like it sometimes though!

I loved the food! I tastes good and it's crunchy... not too big but big enough to get some good chewing in. When you have to chew the food, it's more satisfying. When was the last time someone said "Oh, I'm so full from this Jello!" lol

So I started yesterday with the food but since Sunday is the start of a new week, let's call today the new Day #1 :-)

I'll share some more soon, about my walks, my adventure (or misadventure) at a local farmer's market, and my official weight and measurements which Mom said she will take today.